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Vpecker software and test account - xcar360 - 01-10-2017

Hi all CT m8s
here i share the vpecker account to enter demo model to test this software
no pass!
if helpful
give thanks and reputation

Xcar360 Automotive diagnostic tool , diagnostic software
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RE: Vpecker software and test account - jakesvw - 01-11-2017

OFF Topic
to all this is not to support the seller altough i have got some stuff from them\
On Topic
so how is the vpecker ? see demo soft ? dont waste time buy the tool
i have one and was not to impressed at first bud wow for the price it is bloody good . nice fast support and yes FREE 100% FREE updates
only down side is it do not like older cars but some it do good other only from mid 2000
BMW/MINI i get alot of "unknown error" so not to good for that but EWS/DDE/DME sync nice it works did not try on cas to sync it
VW it is nice i love the function for some old VW pull pincode and do keys
kia and hundai i also did keys but u must have pin code and basic scan and clear functions not to bad
Toyota it works realy good and you can do injector coding on diesel with Pro function
Volvo i tried on local S40 no luck but i am sure other it will do
nissan it do work good
opel it is also realy good even can do keys and remote if u have the carpass
chevrolet /gm so far it worked nort very deep but scan read and clear
jeep/chrysler it is a bit stuckup but do read and clear faults
normal obd mode works on most cars
gwm also no trouble reading and clearing faults but also most "unknown fault"
dtc lookup is nice
special functions
most service reset is txt format telling u what to do
brake replacement is also good
DPF regen not all cars is uported but it works
tyre presure i dont know never had to use it
it is a lot like launce but missing some functions and then it have other functions that launch do not
this is a realy handy easy to oprate fast diagnostic tool just do not try to run a shop with only this tool but for me it is a must have add on in the shop
delpi clone is better in some cases but vepecker is better in other
but here u get a original tool with good support and free updates in bluetooth or wifi for a bloody good price (i have wifi )
5 cars payed for it and now it is all profit with no subscriptions