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ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - reem - 04-30-2018

Dear colleagues,

unfortunately it is very noticeable that the same members in the forum are always making their contributions and some are just collecting the cream of this work.

This situation should be changed, so that this forum is and remains more competitive on the net and reinforces its name.
For this purpose, some members in the subject matter must be more active and more professionally be involved.

Please post more generously of your work experience and solutions and not just problems, as well as requests to solution .
Hope in the future for an effective collaboration.

RE: ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - maxtra - 05-10-2018

who needs some help in toyota, so much software diagnosis or some damage in some vehicle, I am at your disposal.
sorry for my bad English

RE: ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - Administrator - 05-10-2018

Thanks For Support AP Forum!!!

RE: ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - reem - 11-26-2018

I would like to point out, that BEING ACTIVE, means not distributing patches and fixes only, but also helping with tips and deeds!
Now to...

RE: ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - mercedesmax - 04-10-2019

Per problemi che riguardano Mercedes Smart potete contattarmi quando volete problemi e diagnosi codici danno e tutto quello che ne riguarda
Grazie a voi

RE: ACTIVITY & SUPPORT - GlintWeb - 11-13-2019

wow that i like, I will Support That!

anyone have any problem, Don't hesitate to contact me: support is free