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Repair XS Evo - VIN read but no communication with modules
Hi there guys.
Here's pics of my XS Evo.
It's detected by windows without problem. It's connecting to a car and reads out VIN with no problem but cant connect to any module - checked on 2008 C5 - only on this car can check it out.
Any ideas what to change in it to make it working?

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Done some testing and not always Diagbox recognizes VIN - if it dont I need to unplug it from USB and reconnect. Then it works.
Then used Lexia for my old C2 - sometimes it finds some modules but during global test at some point (random) it shows no connection to module. When I unplug it from USB and plug again it connects to module I chose...but only this one...If I want to change module need to unplug it again and plug back. Could that be related to relays? I noticed that when I plug it in and chose to connect I hear click and it works. But when I change module it doesnt till I unplug it and plug back again. Any ideas guys? Cheers
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