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Request: Opel Combo 1.3 Mjet Z13Dt HW01246O204D-SW3422C167 Immo and EGR off
Hi Jurebv,
excellent job you offer. Could you please rework the attached file for a friend who has problem with the Immo and EGR off?

HW: MAG  01246O204D
SW: 3422C167
VIN: W0L0XCF0684436352
SW Ver.: 0001
Teile: 55574590 RR
Motor: Z13DTJ
HW Ver.:
SW Upg.:
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 295.23 KB

Here is the former solution with EGR off and he got problems with Immo.
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 1 times
Size: 295.18 KB

Thanks in advance and take your time
Geht ned, gibts ned  Shake
Thanks given by:
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 3 times
Size: 256.74 KB


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Thanks given by: Administrator , Zamperl

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