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Authorization Service for Tango Toyota Key Master
If you want to add the capability to your Tango of coding a Transponder to the Bin File from the following Toyota and Lexus, but you just buy original Tango Key Programmer Basic Software,you need this authorization service then.

With this authorization, the marker will cover all of the common Toyota and Lexus “Reflash” Vehicles found in the market.

[Image: TangoKeyProgrammerToyotaKeyMaker1_1024x1...1597493042]

Auris (2003-2004 Immo With 93C56 Eprom)

Auris (2005-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Avalon (1998-2004 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Avalon (1998-2004 ECU With Motorola Processor)

Avanza (2008-2009 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Avanza (2010-Up With 93C66 Eprom)

Avensis (Immo With Motorola Processor)

Avensis (ECU With 25080 Eprom)

Avensis (ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Avensis (2003-2004 Immo With 24C04)

Avensis (2004-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Avensis (2004-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Aygo (2003-Up With 24C04 Eprom)

Camry (1998-2002 ECU With 93C56 Eprom v.1)

Camry (1998-2002 ECU With 93C56 Eprom v.2)

Camry (1998-2006 ECU With 93C86)

Camry (2003-2006 ECU With 96LC66 Eprom)

Camry (ECU With Motorola Processor)

Camry (2005-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Camry (Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Camry (1998-2003 Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Camry (2005-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Carina (Immo With MC68HC05 Processor)

Carina (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Carina (1996-1998 With 24C04 Eprom)

Celica (1999-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Celica (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Corolla (Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Corolla (ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Corolla (ECU With 24C02 Eprom)

Corolla (ECU With 25020 Eprom)

Corolla (ECU With 95080 Eprom)

Corolla (2005-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Corolla (2005-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Crown Majesta (With 4C Transponder)

Duet (With 4C Transponder)

Echo (ECU With 25040 Eprom)

Echo (ECU With 93C66 Eprom)

Estima (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Hiace (With 93C66 Eprom)

Highlander (2001-2004 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Highlander (2005-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Highlander (2005-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Hilux (2006-2011 With 93C66 Eprom)

Kluger (2005-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Kluger (2005-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Land Cruiser (1998-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Land Cruiser (1998-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Land Cruiser (2005-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Matrix (2004-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Matrix (2004-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

MR2 (2000-2005 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Paseo (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Passo (Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Picnic (1999-Up With 93C66 Eprom)

Prado (2005-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Prado (2005-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Previa (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Prius (2001-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Prius (2001-2006 Immo With 93C56 Eprom)

RAV4 (2002-2003 ECU With 25080 Eprom)

RAV4 (2002-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

RAV4 (2005-2007 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Rush (1999-2005 With 93C66 Eprom)

Rush (2006-Up With 93C66 Eprom)

Sequoia (2001-2002 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Sequoia 2003-2006 Immo With 96LC66A Eprom)

Sienna (1998-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Sienna (2004-2006 ECU With 96LC66 Eprom)

Sienna (2005-2006 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Solara (1998-2002 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Solara (2003-2006 ECU With 96LC66 Eprom)

SportsVan (ECU With 25080 Eprom)

Starlet (Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Surf (2005-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Surf (2005-Up Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Wish (2005-Up ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

Wish (2005-Up Immo With 93C66)

Yaris (1998 Immo With 24C04 Eprom)

Yaris (2001 ECU With 25020 Eprom)

Yaris (2002 ECU With 95080 Eprom)

Yaris (2003 ECU With 95040 Eprom)

Yaris (2003 ECU With 93C86 Eprom)

Yaris (2003-2004 Immo With 93C56)

Yaris (2003-2004 Immo With 93C66 Eprom)

Yaris (2004 With 93C56 Eprom)

Smart Key System (Requires Additional Software(s) And Emulator(s))

ES300 (1998-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

ES330 (2004-2006 Immo With 93LC56 Eprom)

GS300 (1998-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

GS400 (1998-2000 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

GS430 (2001-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

GX470 (2003-2004 Immo With 93LC56 Eprom)

IS200 (With 4C Transponder)

IS300 (2001-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

LS400 (1997 Immo With 93LC66A Eprom)

LS400 (1998-2000 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

LS430 (2001-2004 Immo With 93LC66 Eprom)

LX470 (1998-2002 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

LX470 (2003-2005 ECU With 93LC56 Eprom)

RX300 (1998-2003 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

RX330 (2005-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

RX330 (2004-2006 Immo With 9LC56 Eprom)

RX400 (2004-2006 Immo With 9LC56 Eprom)

SC300 (1998-2000 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

SC400 (1998-2000 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

SC430 (2002-2006 ECU With 93C56 Eprom)

SC430 (2002-2006 Immo With 93LC56 Eprom)

Smart Key System (Requires Additional Software(s) And Emulator(s)) supply auto repair tool, software and service!
Thanks given by:

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