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CLS W219 CGi problem..
Hello guys, i have a CLS W219 3.5V6 CGi i think MED9.7...
Before few days light turned on off check engine lamp and here what diagnostic says.

- front catalys block 2
-0412 heating of NOX sensor behind catalys block 2

So...idle speed is 580 R.P.M is ti too low?? temperature of exhaust gases is 480°C in both tubes when i run engine on 3500R.P.M approx 3min.

Both Lambda (O2) sensors are with 5 wires,and i read voltage 1.0v - 1.1v but i think must be from 0.1 to 0.9V in waves
With osciloscope i read some different measurements but is not good

All heaters in exhaust is turned ON

I change spark plugs, oil filters blah blah blah...and have still problem.

MAF sensor is i think good, in idle 14kg/s on 3000RPM is 450kg/s

I feel gasoline throught exhust, so i think mixture is too rich????

Im mechanic but specialist for Diesel engines and diesel injection pumps and injectors.

HELP please

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You bark under the wrong tree.
NOx-sensor is probably faulty.
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