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Ford e-TIS 2.2015 +Crack
Hi Guys!!
can i have some information about installation and crack?

after installation what i've to do to make it fully work?

thank you all!!
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(06-06-2015, 06:35 AM)WildCard Wrote:  #FordEtis Offline Configuration
#Thu Mar 26 12:45:25 GMT 2015
ids.dir=C\:\\Program Files\\Ford Motor Company\\IDS\\Runtime\\Tabman.exe

and for XP the config file?
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After the october update in ETIS 02/2015 there is a problem with the java version. If you get an error like :JRE not found. Please install the correct version from the DVD...
you must download from link.
Extract the .zip file to C:\FordEtis. The directory must be jre8 !
Now you can start the program etisdvd.exe and java is ok.

File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 155 times
Size: 38 bytes

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Hello to all,

Does any of you have the new patch & web.war, after the second part of 2016 update, for unlocking models after 2012?

Thanks very much!
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Hello, how is the installation of crack made?
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can anyone help with install video/instructions please.
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Hello Guys :) Anyone have working crack for this Etis? Someone told that crack works from 2013, but i can't find this crack :( Maybe you have link?
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hi my friends i replace file and etis not work? help me please
Thanks given by: hobentoben
(12-08-2017, 09:08 PM)iociprovo2017 Wrote:  hi my friends i replace file and etis not work? help me please


try this

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Install Instructions & Crack Ford e-TIS.txt
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[Image: 34df19d946cc.jpg]
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[Image: f50b96dc9db8.jpg]
(05-02-2015, 07:26 PM)gabbiiiyyyy Wrote:  Hello all.

Attach link with the program Ford e-TIS 2.2015 on MEGA.

Size: 7.61GB

[Image: 357lg8z.jpg]

[Image: w0olg3.jpg]

can you upload link again please links dead
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