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2014 xterra catalytic clogged
Dear all, 1st I'am so sorry for my english write
I have Nissan Xterra 2014 model with 87k km only, and I got a problem that there is no air flow from exhaust pipes, and when send to dealer thay said its the catalytic system clogged, but when i put KTS scanner there wasnt a fault code.
So my questions are how to know that the problem in catalytic system by reading O sensors
and is this a common problem in Nissan cars
thank you
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- Park the car with hand brake pulled and the gear shift in P or N position.
- Warm up the engine.
- Rev up the engine till the fuel cut system is activated.
- If it rev up quickly and starts taking jerks at around 4000 rpm- 5000 rpm the catalytic converter is at its best.
- If the engine does not rev up quickly and abnormal sound is heard near the air filter box, the catalytic converter is clogged and it will trigger the DTC P0420.
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