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Lexia 3 Flashing=Rev.C+Firmware 4.3.3+PSA Evolution Driver
(12-13-2015, 05:50 PM)DIAG SCAN Wrote:  pauloaguiar

Hi, i have PSA xs evol 4.3.3. ref. 963830 C/ with Diagbox v7.65, but dont connect to the car. say cant read. Can u help me?

More details please !

I have Windows XP 32bits with Diagbox v7.65 from Mr. Scarymistake. And a PSA xs Evol with firmware v4.3.3 ref. 963830 C/.
The usb driver is "USB Com Board Evolution Driver ( UMDF )".

I connect the cable to the car and start the diagbox , choose the car , okay , says the cable is connected , command look for VCI and says he can not communicate . Introduce VCI manually and choose lexia when I say read the ecu, we says that readings in all ecu's.

I do not know if the problem is the firmware , software, or PSA .
All I said is compatible?
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I don't understand ( okay , says the cable is connected , command look for VCI and says he can not communicate . Introduce VCI manually and

choose lexia when I say read the ecu, we says that readings in all ecu's.)

but I give the procdure try to follow it :

1-run windows XP
2-connect interface to computer and wait few seconds for driver
3- launche DIAGOX and wait until he arrives at PEUGEOT and CITROEN
4-connect to a car and put ignition on ( mettre le contact in french )
5-choose PEUGEOT or CITROEN (what is your car ? )
6- and follow instructions from DIAGBOX .

year of your car is important for choosing between :
Thanks given by: pauloaguiar
Its a Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0HDi year 2000

What is better, lexia or diagbox? Thanks DIAG SCAN
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thanks verymuch
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Firstly , is your problem fixed ?

Second , for CITROEN XSARA PICASSO 2000 you can use only lexia because DIAGBOX automatically switches to lexia.

General rule : DIAGBOX or lexia for car ≥ 2006
DIAGBOX or PPS for car ≥ 2006

The better is your choice , your practice and the year of car.

Goog luck.
Thanks given by: pauloaguiar
Hallo Frage :Läuft jedes Lexia 3 Kabel mit dem Flash .Ich habe ein B Kabel. Kann es kaputt gehen wenn ich es über USB versuche zu Flashen. Danke
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Flash was perfect, interface is working properly.
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thanks been looking for this for ages keep up the good work thanks a lot
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Hi all,

I have a problem with upgrading revision B to revision C.
The download of seems to work fine (some 5-10 seconds after I click "Downloading" button, I get what's shown in Flash1.jpg attached below).
However, after I reconnect the Lexia interface and run the Interface Checker again, the revision remains unchanged (still B), but instead the application version gets replaced by vci_updater.

I'm able to flash it back using a regular file and run the whole process allover again, but every time I get the same result.

Any idea what went wrong there and how to successfully upgrade to revision C?


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If you have this issue then don't bother with that tool. You will not be able to change the serial in it.
A story:
It happend to a friend of mine with the same kind of tool.
He tried first with
Then after he has same issue as you he tried to reflash the Fujitsu and the winbond using external programmers.
Now all fine ( reflashed and changed the s/n ) but the tool didn't worked in some cars that he tried to test it.
So he flashed back with the backup files that he did it before starting to reflash the Lexia by external programmers.
And this time the tool is worked in that cars again.
So the conclutions are yours
Good luck
Thanks given by: titoun , Administrator , ZYX

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