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W117 Cla250 Front SAM how to read with vediamo
I have vediamo 5.05 and c4 and am trying to read a front SAM module on W117 Cla250 so I can copy the variant coding to another SAM module.

Once I can read module I should be OK with copy the hex codes etc but I am stumped as to how to read the SAM

With W212 its easy, I just open up the main file in Ecoute and the SAM is listed there, easy to read, write etc

with the W117 its not so easy. The only file I can find has list of modules but none of those resemble a SAM.

I know this is a learning curve with vediamo, I'd really appreciate it if someone could walk me through reading this darn module or send me an .ini file or .cff files if that was what was needed

thanks in advance

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The front SAM for CLA C117 is in the CBCBOLERO.CBF

I know it because i just did overwrite my original .aed file for it :/ dooh
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