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WSM (WIS Service Media)
in my laptop which have win xp xentry if I link to WSM from wis it is not open but another laptop where I have windows 10 and ewa net if I link from wis to WSM it is open every time.
so I think when you login in ewa wsm it is open.

something like this

Good Mornning
Thanks given by: Administrator , Vladimir141 , Marcos
I think its time related, if I open WSM from WIS on my WIS/EPC PC then copy the url I can use the same link anywhere, but it seems to time out so if I try the same link a few hours later it will not open.

Seeing as we all have WIS installed, we can all access WSM from our own systems.
Thanks given by: BenzHelpDesk , Administrator
yes , it related to your ewa login
so login to Ewa , strat Wis then run WSM
Good Mornning
Thanks given by: Vladimir141 , Administrator
it is working in windows 64bit after login to ewa net . in Xp i did not success but still trying to find out why?
Good Mornning
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An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #50.1848655f.1460044799.439d7e1 not working link
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