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AUTOCOM / DELPHI / MOTORSCAN 2014.3.2 FULL +Activation (NO hex2stuff Version) !!!
This is a very useful addition. It is more convenient to work
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(11-10-2015, 05:01 PM)DonCarmol Wrote:  ACTIVATION AUTOCOM / DELPHI 2014.3.2

After donation (how much you wish) you will receive by mail download link for program. Donation fees are taken from me and not from you so if you donate for example 1 euro i will receive 0.62 euro.


After install please put xml on forum in an archive also with your e-mail address as a text like this i know who donated and who did not.
Each donation has the right to only one activation witch means cars,trucks or both but only in one archive and no more.

You will receive after by mail activated XML or XMLS.

You have attached Cars and Trucks pictures with new look and also old normal look, you choose what you wish to have installed.

Click on Paypal logo to Donate

P.S. If you have another serial then the one in archive,your serial is 5 digits use cdp files, if it's 6 digits use cdp+ files and the keygen from 2013.3 for key.

[Image: ppcom.svg]

Send a link to the program, ( 5MF76489E4178173W ) I pay for you
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email adress in txt in other attach


Attached Files
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 180 times
Size: 4 KB

File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 128 times
Size: 28 bytes

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I did not pay for why you did not send me a link to the program
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(11-28-2015, 06:15 PM)redfox Wrote:  I did not pay for why you did not send me a link to the program

Because you didn't paid for it Biggrin
Thanks given by: Faisc@ , fantomel , PaypalisShit , Vladimir141 , armtor
(11-28-2015, 07:10 PM)Marcos Wrote:  
(11-28-2015, 06:15 PM)redfox Wrote:  I did not pay for why you did not send me a link to the program

Because you didn't paid for it  Biggrin

PayPal I do not complain right that I pleaded
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Hi Can you please activate for me file attached serial 100251

Attached Files
File Type: .zip
Downloaded: 83 times
Size: 2.84 KB

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Sorry mickeymac123 but that is xml from another version, hex one...
Thanks given by: Administrator , armtor , Vladimir141
FileActivation Car -Truk Edd33.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 58 times
Size: 5.81 KB

Please activate Delphi DS 150E  2014.3 New VCI CDP Pro plus Car & Truck,sn-100251

EDIT BY Administrator

08. DO NOT post LIVE Links on the Board! Links must ALWAYS be attached in a text (.txt) file.

Best Regards. Kolo
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Hi can you please activate file attached. thanks

Attached Files
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 41 times
Size: 2.85 KB

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