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B-max/Transit Courier/Fiesta SYNC update
B-max/Transit Courier/Fiesta SYNC update

update file: SYNC

extract the usb drive (install.lst, autoinstall.lst, SyncMyRide)
plug the car usb port
menu- sync settings- sync install

20-35 minutes wait and install complete
Thanks given by: Administrator , sev611 , fordmidabil
Just a idea if it is a syncII and it is working so dont update just becacuse its there and you can it is a bloody hell to get to work when it fails (not if it fails to go throug the process just that it will fail because it can ) i have made 5 updates on syncII and just 1 succeded with out errors the other took around 8-9 hours to get up and working again and the custumer cant see any difference anyway
just my input
Thanks given by:
Link: SYNC v5.9
Update name:E1BT-14D544-AL

What's included in this update?
SYNC v5.9
The new software update for SYNC® includes all the improvements from previous updates, plus additional benefits such as:
Streamlined connectivity allows you to connect smartphones to SYNC® via USB and browse its content on the SYNC screen.
When you say, “Call <name>” the name will now appear on the SYNC® screen, confirming your command.
The voice command “Redial” has been added to call last number dialed.
A message on the SYNC® screen will let you know SYNC is either connecting to the last paired device or searching for a new one.
When you want to switch audio sources, you can now say, “AM” or “FM” without saying “Radio” first.
If you're trying to access apps through SYNC® AppLink™ and your device is not connected, SYNC will display a prompt, reminding you that your device must be connected either by Bluetooth or USB for iOS devices.
If you are trying to access a compatible app on SYNC® AppLink™ and it is not running on your iPhone or other iOS device, such as an iPad and iPod Touch, you'll now be reminded by a voice and screen prompt.
Thanks given by: sev611

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