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cruise control on my lancer 1.6
i activated the cruise control on my lancer 1.6 following all the correct methods (Установк...з-контроля) the lst step is to replace the firmware for my ECU and after this its activated and working fine but after the engine stop and work again i have the engine sign when i connect using MUT3 i have this error

CODE NO. U0131 EPS-ECU Time-Out, after i research i found that my car doesn’t have Eclectic power steering its Hydraulic power steering this why i have this error so this the list of action that i have

1- i modified the KON file for the engine to option the cruise control and uplode it (using etacdecoder)
2-i reprogramming of E-ECU ROM to ASX 1.6 (1860B42504) (using MUT3)
3-and add wire accordingly ASX 1.6 cirquit diagram
4-use ASX diagram because ROM from ASX
I didn’t change the ETACK KON File for this project


2015 Lancer EX (GLS)

how can i solve this problem and get rid of the engine sign , without losing the new option cruise control

could any one help
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