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which Diag for Crossover XV ?
I'm looking for a Diag for a Subaru XV crossover (Y2013).
I need to reset oil change diesel engine ec service reset.  533
Could  you share with me a solution for it ?
Which Diag model to choose ?
Thank you for your help.  Fing32
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Hi! Have you got this solved?
For the euro 5 spec, there are two ways, data or manuall reset.
Its important that you do a oil dilution reset so the ECU knows the oil is new, otherwise it will cause a mess with missing dpf regenerations.
The ECU will thinks the oil is to diluted to handle more diesel from a dpf regeneration.
Do this step by step, you have only 4 seconds to do it. Otherwise you will have to start over again.

Transmission in neutral
Apply parking brake
Start engine
Depress and hold brake pedal
Defogger ON
Lights ON (step 1 = parking/clearance/DRL lights is enough)
Defogger OFF
Lights OFF
Defogger ON (again)
Lights ON (again)
Defogger OFF
Lights OFF
Release brake. Now the glow light (depicting yellow coil) will flash for a few seconds. Otherwise repeat from step D.
Glow Light will light up

Good luck.
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