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Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone...
I am from Romania/Transilvania
Thanks given by: Balyanchic , carstudy
Hello, my name is Markus and I am from Germany:)
Thanks given by: carstudy , Balyanchic
Hey Everyone,

I am Namaz from Texas, US, doing programming.
Thanks given by: carstudy , muftah76 , Balyanchic
My name's Alexander, I'm from Lithuania. Interested in car electronics.
Best wishes for all AP.
Thanks given by: Balyanchic , carstudy
Mercedes Benz 
Hello All,

I am Heddy from Tunisia and I work in electronic company , i am interested in Diagnosing softwares and tools for Mercedes and BMW.

I am ready to cooperate with you; I like to share the khnowledge :)
Thanks given by: carstudy
Hi, im George! im from greece, im a coder, and i am working on a car fix centre
Thanks given by:

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