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Introduce Yourself
hi everyone
im from spain

hellow everyone
im from spain

hi everyone
im from spain
hi evryone i have diesel service!
Cheers, I am Nissan owner and hobby mechanic.
Hello everyone!
I am mechanic and I am from Sweden

Greetings from Mike
Let's start praying.
Good luck to everyone.
Hi, I'm a trained mechanic.
I'm 29 years
I'm from Brazil

Congratulations to AP
Thanks given by: carstudy , Balyanchic , kikis
Hi, my name is Peter and i am from Romania, I am Opel owner and hobby mechanic.
Good job AP
Thanks given by: kikis , Balyanchic , carstudy
Hi everyone, great forum.
I am Alex from Japan, a DIY Benz owner (make that two Benzes as the wife also drives one, A class).
Thanks given by: kikis , Balyanchic , carstudy
i am valdir, live in brasil, i am tecnician, work with engine ecu, airbag, abs, key programming, etc
Thanks given by: carstudy , Balyanchic
Hey guys,

I'm from Perth, Australia

I'm an Auto electrician and looking to help people and find answers to some questions I may have.


Thanks given by: carstudy

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