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Who is a fisherman and hunter ?? )))
Hello AP Friends! My Friends, Rest is required.. Who is a fisherman and hunter ??  533  Biggrin Kolo   Please describe the who and how to spend free time..?  I know Mr. Vladimir141 Very strong and amazing fisherman is..  Kolo

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Well I used to shoot competitively in the UK, but following various gun massacres here and in USA the Police have made it to difficult to own guns here.

Unfortunately our Eastern European visitors seem to have eaten all the fish in our lakes and rivers... :(
(04-30-2016, 03:25 PM)Administrator Wrote:   I know Mr. Vladimir141 Very strong and amazing fisherman

I will make the small correction, I not absolutely the fisherman, I am engaged in spearfishing. Underwater hunter I  Biggrin  
[Image: 021c8268454bt.jpg] [Image: 031d33f918d1t.jpg]

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Fisherman :D
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firsherman and the girl's??

[Image: bronze.jpg]
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I am fisherman and hunters Anim_19
Thanks given by: Vladimir141
fisherman ;)
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Hunting and snapchat (making storys with crazy food) is my batteryrecharger/destresser
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I hunt fish, I like nature
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I like fishing.
I was fishing today but the fish did not take very well. Only small: bream, perch and roach.
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