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Wurth WoW! 5.00.12 Multilingual
Yes people, this is useless unless you have official license.
Thanks given by:
hi need help wow needs to register a wow license file where can I find or create
Thanks given by:
(01-16-2018, 07:30 PM)Danpop Wrote:  hi need help wow needs to register a wow license file where can I find or create

post here your id for the key for registration
If I help you with something and you want to contribute
[Image: 53lAJKO.png]
Thanks given by: muftah76 , kikis

do you mean this ? but wow requires a wow license file
what I have to import
Thanks given by:
(01-17-2018, 05:38 AM)Danpop Wrote:  WOW-R35ZE-KCGQ6-B285TF-J5NH8HC

do you mean this ? but wow requires a wow license file
what I have to import


1234567-vgptxwphqi2225xu22222229-76190421-464898-1089512 [WoW! Basic]
1234567-vgptxwphqi2325xurhpxxwx9-76190421-464898-1889517 [WoW! Pro]
1234567-2222222iq222222222222222-76190421-464898-1489513 [WoW! PocketPc]
1234567-22222222q2322232429xxwx2-76190421-464898-1589518 [WoW! Mercedes-Benz - Open License]
1234567-22222222q222222242222222-76190421-464898-1889512 [WoW! Mercedes-Benz - Extension Package]
1234567-22222222q2422232629xxwx2-76190421-464898-1089512 [WoW! BMW - Open License]
1234567-22222222q222222262222222-76190421-464898-1289516 [WoW! BMW - Extension Package]
1234567-vgptxwphqi2225xu22222229-76190421-464898-1089512 [Technische Daten SD-100]
1234567-vgma2w22q22225k622222227-76190421-464898-1889512 [Technische Daten Service]
1234567-225lxwphq22222gq22222224-76190421-464898-1689511 [Technische Daten Diagnose]
1234567-22222222q222222222222222-76190421-464898-1489519 [Technische Data Special]
1234567-22222222q2229xxxw2222222-76190421-464898-1889510 [WoW! Server]
1234567-vgptxwphq22225wu22222229-76190421-464898-1589516 [Diagnose SerieII S-Light]
1234567-22222222q2222222222222w2-76190421-464898-1189518 [Diagnose SerieII S-100 Extension]
1234567-225lxwphqi2222hq22222224-76190421-464898-1189518 [WTI-450 DATENPAKET DIAGNOSE]
1234567-22222o22qi232252rhpxxwx2-76190421-464898-1389510 [WSD-300 SNOOPER DIAGNOSE KOMPLETT]
1234567-vgma2w22qi2225l622222227-76190421-464898-1389519 [WTI-100 TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONEN SERVICE]
1234567-3i222222q22222i422222222-76190421-464898-1289516 [WTI-20 TECHNISCHE INFORMATIONEN]
Thanks given by: kikis , carstudy , Mister_ACE

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