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Fiat diagnostic software

What is the software used in garage for diagnose the car of the fiat group ? and what is the interface used in garage ?

thanks for help Muscle
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Fiat Ecu Scan or universal diagnostic tool Delphi 2014.3
Thanks given by: alexis998
If you mean "Dealer garages" then they use Fiat Examiner and Fiat Witech for newer cars
But for Fiat group cars you can use:
- Multiecuscan
This with a Vag kkl blue tool and ELM327 + adaptators
-AVDI genuine tool with Fiat Commander or with Fiat Examiner vmware
Multibrand tools also cover Fiat group cars much or less
As Autocom/Delphi, Launch x431, KTS, Texxa etc
Hope this will help
Good luck
Thanks for the reply but its not clear for me .

I dont understand what interface can i use and the best.

For the software its ok .
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I use MultiEcuScan and find it very good. Well worth the small cost. You can find it here. There is a free limited version to try.
MultiEcuScan can open all functions of car ?
Can i erase fault code ?
can i activate/desactivate some function of the car ?
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Yes indeed can also program keys. Can do pretty much ALL as dealer except will not reflash modules. Great bit of software.
Ok, what is the interface can i use ?
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Use the link in post #5 to go to website. Scroll down the page until you see something like the info below. All info is there. Best interface to use is CANtieCAR to avoid the need to keep swapping adapters, but the cheap ones are ok.

50 EUR
230 EUR
Purchase FESmobile
KL (VagCom 409) interface Yes Yes No No
ELM 327 v1.3 (or later) interface Yes Yes No Yes, Bluetooth only
OBDKey 1.40 interface Yes Yes No Yes, Bluetooth only
OBDLink interface Yes Yes No Yes, Bluetooth only
CANtieCAR professional multi-protocol interface with multiplexing capabilities No No Yes Yes
@alexis998 - what exaclly cars do you wanna cover?
Mutiecuscan/AlfaOBD very good cover but only for cars after year 2000
up year 2000 cars not such a good
Autocom/Delfi, Launch x431, pretty much the same cover as Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD
texa and Braibee a littel bit better
The only tool that cover all cars and functions up to 2011-2012 is Fiat Examiner Smart or Smart HD
After 2011-2012 Witech POD is good
FiCom is cover ( as the owner company said ) much more the Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD but as I said they just declair that cover a car or a function but in fact its not so ( as an Example: I sent then log file to fix some bugs and they fix it after 3 years )
Mutiecuscan/AlfaOBD are cheap and youc an start with this. Then you can upgrade your tool depending in what cars you will working
Good luck

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