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Fiat diagnostic software
We use WitechPlus as software and as interfaces we use the Witech VCI Pod for older models and Mopar Micropod II for the newer models 2014+
Thanks given by: Diagnostix , mattydr67
The Fiat Examiner Emultor is not cover all older controllers
I don't remember well now which one but for instance ASIN gearbox ( but this is too old and maybe not necessary ) is not covered as I remember well and don't mistake
Good luck
Thanks given by: Administrator
Ok , the car before 2000 don't have obd ? There is 3 pins odb ?
Why the odb have lot of adaptator ? (Green yellow purple .. )
Thanks given by:
That adaptors are used instead a multiplexor
As maybe you don't know that even old dealer arae tool Fiat Examiner has a multiplxor that its used by handle not automatically
Then started with Examiner Smart all multiplexor is automatically
So if you are using Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD softwares with Vag KKL interface and ELM327 you need this adaptors when you want to connectect to controler on other pins then 7 as Airbag on pin 3 and ABS on pin 1
Well if you use Multiecuscan and AlfaOBD with Cantiecar interface then you don't need that adaptors
Cantiecars is made with automatic multiplexor
Ficom interface has also an automatic multiplexor
Good luck
Thanks given by: Balyanchic , Diagnostix , Administrator , g3kk0

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