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Mazda IDS 99.05 + C93 Calibration Files VMware [4-16-2016 / Version 2.0]

Sixth upload for the community.

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 32 bit. I have IDS updated to v99.05.

Make sure to adjust your settings in VMware. I used VMware 12 Pro to make this, but it is compatible with other VMware versions. A small edit in the VMX file will allow you to change the compatibility to an older version. I tested this on a Toshiba laptop. Also, when you load up the VMware image for the first time, make sure to choose "I Moved It" so everything stays the same.

Press Thanks + Rep and PM me for the password. There are a lot of leechers and I want to make sure people also give back in return, as I am starting to do.

More uploads will be coming in the future!

1. Press Thanks + Rep and PM me for the password. Make the Subject / title of the PM as "Mazda IDS 99.05 Password" <------ MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS.
2. Download the latest version Winrar. Must be at least version 5.30 or higher. It's free from Winrar's website
3. Extract the folder from the file to wherever you'd like.
4. Make sure to have VMware Workstation 12 installed. I didn't test this on any other version, so I can't say if it'll work on any other version of VMware.
5. Open VMware and press Open Virtual Machine. Go to the folder where you extracted the rar file and select the .VMX file.
6. Configure the virtual hosting settings, if you'd like (RAM, Processors, etc)
7. Press "Power on this virtual machine"
8. When it asks about the network card, press "I Moved It"
9a. If you have an original / OEM VCM 1 or VCM 2, just plug it in to the computer. OEM drivers should automatically install.
9b. If you a clone VCMII, install VX Manager on the desktop. After the install, choose VCMII Plus.
Then, connect your VCMII and let the drivers install.
10. Enjoy!

Release Revisions:
1-12-2016: Mazda IDS 98.04 w/C93 initial release.Original thread
4-16-2016: New Install to Windows 7. Updated IDS to 99.05. Used the Windows 7 ISO provided by Fantomel (Thanks!) to decrease the size of the upload.

I will always make a new thread for new releases so questions for one version will be related to the same version that everyone uses.

Please, Do NOT PM me for support. All support questions must be posted in this thread. I will not respond to support via PM. Make it easy and let the community learn as well. Post your question in this thread so we can help and others can learn, as they may have the same question!

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Thanks given by: Vladimir2772 , jkon45 , ka_rai
hi friends

link is dead
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