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how can find and buy original GDS softs ?
Hi guys ,
I am mechanic . I was download and used microcat hyundai and kia (Cracked version) , and now i need to learn about hyundai and kia "AIR SUSPENSION UNIT" , and i find that . but for repairing and fix erors i need to buy GDS original software and hardware .
who can help me how can i buy and recive it in my country ?
( im so sorry , im not english man and i know it a little )
Thanks a lot . HandshakeWinkWinkSmile
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Purchased from auto manufacturers Biggrin


this forum have Software

Why do not you introduce yourself ?

Your first post is here
"LIKE"&"THANKS" will increase the motivation

Please read this post !!
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thanks a alot
why i need to introduce myself ?
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Please read the post No.1
"LIKE"&"THANKS" will increase the motivation

Please read this post !!
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What do you mean? Read the post #1. What are you getting at?

Ah I see now. Thought you meant post #1 of this thread.

It is difficult for us to insist that members introduce themselves on this forum, we can only suggest it because it is not in the rules here. We must also bear in mind that these "unwritten rules" are only known by us who are familiar with forums and the way they work. Many people first find the existence of a forum by having a need for a piece of software to solve an urgent problem, also they may be using a translator. It is easy to forget just how intimidating it can be to a new member when he joins his first forum.

If you look at the number of members who have posted in the "Introduce Yourself" section and compare it to the number of registered members you may be quite suprised to find that to date we have 66,113 members registered here, of whom only 3818 have bothered to make an introduction! So 94.3% of all members here have NOT bothered to make an introduction here EVER! Or only 5.7% who do.

If you now try this exercise with the statistics from another smaller forum where making an introduction is required in the rules, we get the following results...
28,978 registered members and 38,216 Introductions. You can see the difference! Also it is clear that the forum in question is quick to remove dead members or those who break the rules. This has mainly been achieved by the following tiny differences...

1) Forum Rules, Policies & Disclaimer (READ FIRST: DO NOT SKIP)

2) (Rule #) 21: Don't forget To " Introduce Yourself" , this is counted and all that is needed is a small generic description.

3) And finally, Introduce Yourself (MANDATORY: DO NOT SKIP) A place to introduce yourself to the community (All new users MUST post in here first time)

If we were to follow their example it should end this confusion and make life easier for everyone. So how about it? Anyone else see the logic behind this?
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