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Thanx for the great software but for all us less than computer savy people , would you mind giving me a little info on how the hex filie and fuse bit info is to be used . I installed VCDS 12 but it keeps telling me my interface is un registered .
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it's very simple, follow a tutorial to write you atmega and after you can use programs. You can program with upa,usbasp,x-prog..... any programmer.
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could someonce renew links please ?
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COuld someone renew linkes. Mega linkes are dead and I after few years with vcds bricked I'd liked to bring him to life ;)
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can someone renew the links please?
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New Links?? Thanks
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Just look a little, from all those links the yandisk ones are still active. As you all know rt is hunting even if it's old stuff
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Thanks a lot for those source !
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