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Berlingo 2011 edc17C10 dpf / dtc need help

I have Citroen berlingo 2011 year 1,6hdi edc17C10 and need help for DPF and additive pump dtc turn off.

one person help me to clear dpf  ,but when i rewrite this i get two faults:

P1435 - Additive pump fault in can communication

P1434 - Additive pump short +/ground or open circuit

Maybe imposible delete this fault's because i have engine light in cluster.

thank you.

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BERLINGO (dpf off )- 514411).rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 25 times
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All other problems solved ,left only one fault maybe someone can delete this dtc --> P0460 - additive pump maltifunction .

Thank you.

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intflashmicro tc1797_dpf_off_csok.rar
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 19 times
Size: 945.87 KB

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I tested all files and triangle same light's in cluster ,but now not here is problem ,but after 100-80 km from car came white smoke ,but after 2-3min again all ok ?
who can help me with good file off ? i can pay if file helped me .
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