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help with immo
hi my friend just did the briliant thing of  putting + on - when he had his car boosted, so now the fuel ecu that contains the immo on this 02 open agila is broken...

so now none of his old keys work on the new immo fuel ecu that i have replaced. how the heck can i get the pin so i can use the the old keys? i have a autocom device, and a slica sbb  to work with.

any ideas how i can get the pin?

and advice on a good device i can have in the future for this kind of problems.

its a 2002 agila


i had the time to test with a friends key dup thingi, this is what i got.
or is it a pin for the ecu i need? sorry if i sound stupid :D really new to this kind of things

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oh sorry for the rule breake, my bad :<

and this issue is resolved:)
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