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HowTo EGR and DPF off Dacia Duster
Hello everybody,
I would like to switch off the EGR and DPF on my Dacia Duster 4x4 dci. Could please somebody help me and explain how to perform it? What kind of cable and software do I need?  76
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how old is your car, engine capacity?
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The car is from 2010, 1.5 dci, 110hp and has already 115.000km. To avoid DPF problems in the future I would like to deactivate EGR.
I would like to know which software I need for flashing the ECU and its cable. Can Galletto 1260 read and write the ECU of Dacia Duster? Could you please help?
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Galletto 1260 not good for this car. You need good tools for this. Try find Mpps v18 clone about 600eur. Maybe its not cheap but working perfect :)
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Thanks for your information. 600€ is too much, I'll install an EGR Dummy valve instead.
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I bought Kess v2 and will get it soon. I'm currently learning how to work with WinOLS. Could anybody help me how to find out the EGR map of a car (i.e. Duster 1.5 dci 110PS)?
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I could read my ECU with the Kess.
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Could you please send me an address for the EGR valve or have a Damos file for me?
I want to learn how to work with WinOls and test on my car (hopefully won't explode)
Could you please help me?
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