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Online service disable dpf, egr, tva, vsa....
"All solutions in one place"

Disable dpf, egr, tva, vsa, lambda, cat, maf, scr, evap, sap, speed, hotstart, nox, dtc

Hello ! Welcome to the  automatic processing of files now you
can order online, you do not have to carry wines or keys etc , it is enough to have the original file , and upload it to the server, if the file in the database is a duration of the order a few minutes !
if the file is in the database , so the database is always online ! It will process automatically as well as we would do manually , the same will be filled
section of the finished files where you can always download the original firmware file warranty file 1 month all orders are saved ! And complete binding to your account

How to use? is a huge advancement in Chip-tuning world, now you can follow any responses to one-click download file.It is necessary to fill in the details select Car, Model, Ecu ect. The site displays the found option and allow to process automatically and you will get the result instantly result. Just the whole history of orders stored in your account.Constant updates with new blocks and solutions! Ongoing work 24 hours service work! This is the perfect toolfor the modern service center, we are constantly working with our customers and work to improve service!
I have had the honor to use your service and I am very satisfied!!! BIG THANKS AGAIN!!!

[Image: 2gy4oax.jpg]
If I uncheck the "Automatic tuning" option what does it mean for the modified file? Could you please explain the difference with the uncheck and check option?
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If you don't want to have a file automatically processed , it will go into the task ! Or you are not sure that the file is read correctly!
Check all options you would like us to perform on your file. In our example only EGR is available, but we offer a lot of other options for different firmware. The speedometer sign near the option means the file can be processed automatically and you will get the result instantly. If you do not want the automatic processing, uncheck the Automatic tuning check button. When you finished customizing your order, the price will be in bottom left corner of the page. Click Order button to finish your order.
very good service thanks
Thanks given by: Administrator
hello with what tool i can read the files to sent for remap ?i am interesting for group vag Thanks a lot
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can you tell us how to contact you.i have many problems with tuned file which i download from your site
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