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OBD2 Buy, OBD2, OBDII, OBD, car diagnostic, truck scanner, workshop, Chip tuning, fault code reader, IMMO
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OBD2 Buy, OBD2, OBDII, OBD, car diagnostic, truck scanner, workshop, Chip tuning, fault code reader, IMMO
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DiagBox original
I purchase the token from Citroen. Downloaded original(not patched) DiagBox 8.30, clean installed, activated with my account details, updated to 8.38. But my C5R '05 not exist in the home screen of DiagBox. Citroen removed that old cars from DiagBox? Or i need any DiagBox with Lexia integrated? Thanks.

Maybe someone have DiagBox 8.01 NOT PATCHED? I think it helps me. Already patched versions block activation and updates.
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HERE you have original DIAGBOX 8.01 Install ISO :)
[Image: 2gy4oax.jpg]

If you like my post and it helped you please press THANKS.
Not helped :-( . During activation - internal error, like in all patched versions. Connection test - "Internet access" and "Updates access" passed. "Ediag access" and "Serav access" not passed.
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@BasketLIS can you tell me please how much is the cost of the original token for diagbox v8.xx and how long keep the token activation?
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42 EUR inc. VAT. 1 week for 1 VIN.
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