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TecDoc 1Q.2017 Lite [Multi + RUS] Torrent
TecDoc 1Q.2017 Lite [Multi + RUS]  Torrent

No pass.

Thanks will be appreciated.

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Cracked version ?
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TecDoc DVD 1Q.2017
In this news release changes and improvements did in this Catalogue version. 1 DVD - 4,6 Gb
- The setup and the activation process is simplified. If you already activated the TecDoc DVD once, there is no need to reactivate it as long as you have a valid contract.
- The article overview was partly redesigned to improve the identification process. The contrasts are stronger and the popup to choose the right sub information is available again.
- We added an area "Service" including the Teamviewer software and all relevant contact information.
- The context help is now translated also in English, French, Spanish and Italian.
- An installation "behind" a proxy server is possible again. The settings of the proxy must be maintained in the activation area.
- The Dutch and French search options for "Kenteken" and "TypeMines" are implemented again.
- The print out of article printout is improved and includes the pictures too.
21 days demo.
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