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BMW ISTA/D Rheingold 3.47.10 Torrent
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hi, can some one upload a installation guide, help appreciated.
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Open the folder \ Rheingold \ TesterGUI \ bin \ Release \ ISTAGUI.exe
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Is this supposed to work with diagnostics right out of the box with a K+DCAN cable? I set everything to COM9 / STD:OBD... but still having trouble connecting to a vehicle. I'm using a china OBD to RS232 cable that has (EDIABAS OBD2) written on it through an FTDI RS232 to USB converter. Should I just order an ebay special K+DCAN cable and see if that works? I'm not really sure if there is a difference between the K+DCAN cable and my setup.

Update: Installed standart tools, and used ebay k+dcan cable. All works well. Don't try to make your own cables lol. I'm just updating this in case someone is having trouble. Again, many thanks.
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please how to instale
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After i extracted the file and opened TesterGui/bin/Release/ISTAGUI.exe i got this fault message, "The connection to one of required databases could not be established.
Check DSS#00046632EN for further troubleshooting" I am using DELL Latitude windows 7 ultimate. Any body can give a advise how to sort out this fault. Appreciate your good help and many thanks.
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hey byteflight , i got this message too , can anyboby help us or give a guide for this trouble
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Maybe you Guys use a Laptop with AMD Processor. Rheingold only works with INTEL Processors.
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Hello I want the license after me how to do it please.
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