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Differences in the start keys WIS EPC?
Mercedes Benz 
Hi good afternoon.

I know this is quietly silently talking about Keys.

I bought two keygens via a ru page.

Work as far as perfectly.
But now my little questions.

With a keygen, keys of the same length are generated for WIS and EPC.
For example:
The EPC looks similar and is the same length.
Everything works, only the data card in the WIS and EPC does not work.

Therefore the second kegen tried but only for EPC.
There I was only an EPC key generated.
This is much shorter, but the data card works.

The keys that are posted here are always the same length for WIS and EPC.
That's why I'm confused now.
What is correct?

What I also noticed.
With the pure EPC data card keygen.
At first you have to enter a code in Analysis Key.
How To Use
1. you must copy this code


2. Click Analyze Key and then Paste the Code and OK

3. Now you can edit the LAN ID, Expired Date, etc ..
(Do not edit the checkbox !! And select market)

4. after edit your data .. click get key ..

5. Copy your New License Key.

6. Finish .. Enjoy ..

Only somehow the code changes again and again, depending on where you look.
Why is this code different?
Are there differences in code?

I also tried to generate the codes with the MAC number
but it comes out different numbers, which are posted here.

I also do not want a big discussion.
I just want to understand how it works.

I do not know that keygens are available for download here.
For whatever reason.

So it makes you stop the help seeking user subordinate and dependent.

But still hope for help.
Maybe there are still nice people.

Best regards.
Thanks given by:

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