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[TESTERS NEEDED] updated news 16.01 - AiO MB Xentry LiveDiagSystem 2017.12
Mercedes Benz 
testers needed

please pm for my skype. You have need skype for chat!

this is test version. It means it has for sure errors. Different system has different errors, and have to fix these with your help by reporting. The end version will be released when no major error is there. So please support by giving detailed information about your configuration. It was not worked or there is issue or problem with something, telling this without further information will not help me much to fix the problem. If you have an error, it was because something is different and I have fix it by knowing the possible cause.
so please report. thanks

2018.01.16-4: Specially far-east languages (china, japan) may cause to change some characters as \ to be shown different as ¥, which cause problem when installing. Please change to English before, also the setting with non-Unicode to English!!.

2018.01.16-3: 10% of people have problems mainly with the missing boot-loader file. This is caused by windows 7 hidden boot partition. Windows sometime have a separate hidden partition for boot. I need in Windows 7 to put the grldrMB17120 file in the boot partition. The issue is to find this partition and mount it as a folder then copy grldrMB17120 inside it. However, I use a method by getting GUID of volumes, and find which ID is similar to the the one with C:, usually the first 6-digits are same. If more than one partition (in case of an additional Manufacturer's Recovery Partition) or the first 6-digits are different, the mounting will be wrong and the boot will say a file is missing. I am working on the fix, but I hope someone can help me with a better solution. PS: Windows 7 has no LOCATE option, it is on Windows 8 and new.

2018.01.16-2: Next issue is with errorH: For now, please dont put the vhdx on a drive bigger than 2TB or use usb-stick. Working on the fix.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=13866]

If you got error Xentry licence key, then insert new key:
1) run "ConfigAssist" tool: SDConnect -> Configure ->  2x Continue -> Note the HW and App ID
2) using "AIO XDOS KeyGen" tool: Remove old keys -> Xentry -> Generate key using the HW and App ID noted
3)Back to "ConfigAssist" tool: Enter the key in "Manual". Then continue and exit.
4)Back to "AIO XDOS KeyGen" tool: click on "Make Xentry..." and exit.

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[Image: 2gy4oax.jpg]
Thanks given by: Administrator
i get error in xentry Asam3d-server by some installations...... but Works i fix it now.. is ok toool
Thanks given by:
Many thanks disinfetor !!
[Image: 2gy4oax.jpg]
Thanks given by: kikis , camaro , ilknur484 , Administrator
how can i downloaded this ?!
Thanks given by: obdcloud

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