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TrueEU PCB 1:1 As Original
KESS V2 2.23/5.017


1.Q: Why does this KESS V2 cost more than any other unit on the internet?
A: We sell two types of units.  This particular unit is called TrueEU.  This unit from scratch is manufactured with a exact duplicate PCB as the original KESS V2.  All components are of equal or higher quality than the original.  This unit will function exactly as the original without any issues or failure.  Our other unit is called Fully Reworked, these units start as china unit, they are then dissasembled and ALL COMPONENTS THAT ARE PRONE to FAILURE are REPLACED.  We also sell these units on eBay, for around half the price as our TrueEU units.  Please see our other listings.

2.Q: Where is this unit manufactured?
A: Our unit is manufactured and tested in the EU.  It goes through the strictest quality assurance testing before each unit is shipped.  Our TrueEU units have and will NEVER have anything CHINA ABOUT THEM!!!

3.Q: Does Virtual Read work with this unit?
A: Yes you can make virtual read with this unit. However you will need to purchase second half of file from someone with ATech Subscription.

4.Q: Is KESS V2 Master or Slave?
A: Master Version

5.Q: Can KESS V2 update?
A: If an update is released you can purchase new NXP + SDCARD to update, or you can send back in unit to us for upgrade.  These units CANNOT be updated online

6.Q:I've been using my KESS V2 for some time and today it says UNIT LOCKED, DEVICE LOCKED please connect and update.  What happened?
A: Please close Ksuite and reopen.  The unit is now reset

7.Q: What operating system can KESS V2 be installed on?
A: Our software is custom made and has drivers for ALL VERSIONS of WINDOWS, WINDOWS XP, 7, 8.1, and 10.  You must install this software AS ADMINISTRATOR

8.Q: KESS V2 is showing the error “Connections not established” ?
A: Either you have a bad USB cable, you can check this via the device manager in windows.  If the usb cable is good, but you do not see KESS V2 in device manager please reinstall as administrator.

9.Q: After Ksuite opens all of the icons are greyed out?  What is the problem?
A: Please disconnect network connection and restart ksuite.  All protocols should be OK now.  This happens sometimes if you have a specific firewall rule enabled on your laptop or router.

10.Q: Can my KESS V2 work with EDC17
A: Yes, Our TrueEU KESS V2 can work with EVERY PROTOCOL that is available inside ksuite, EDC17 included.  Most likely you will be using the TRICORE cable and BOOTP module to read/write these ecus.

11.Q: Can my KESS V2 make correct checksums?
A: Checksum is automatically corrected as you are performing a write

12.Q: When I try to make some trucks or tractors with KESS V2 it is asking for specific cables that aren't included?
A: Please contact us for additional accesssory cables for Trucks and Tractors.  There are some vehicles that don't accept the standard OBD2 connector.  In this case we do sell additional cables to fit the Tractor or Truck that your working on.
Thanks given by: lucho7

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