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2006 SRX Cadillac Problem,, "Weird"
This car has three fault lights on, "Traction Control" , "ABS", "Brake".
I have been trying to figure out what is going on for two weeks with no luck.
None of the mechanics in this area has a scanner that will read ABS and Brake Issues.
Also the Brake Lights Stay on all the time that the ignition switch is on. No change with applying brake pedal.
I have replaced the Brake Pedal Sensor. With no Help.
I was told that the Brake pedal Sensor needed to be re-calibrated.
I am using Autocom CDP+ But when I pull up this car it only shows Petrol in menu. And Shows no codes.
I need software to actually read ABS Codes. I think I have a speed sensor bad but would like to know which one is bad before just guessing at which is bad.

Thank You for any input on this problem

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Download Tech2Win and see if your J2534 device will be able to communicate with the other modules.
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