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V3 came back
Anim_19 V3 came back. Hello. Great news. We have been criticized by the alikspress for a year. We opened disputes and gave back money, while V8, V9 left to themselves. Aliexpress gave up. Now the V3 sells 8 stores. The price is ridiculous. The instrument requires the replacement of diodes in the circuit with a zener diode of 30V. Then the protection si9241 will work. The use of diodes is wrong and disable the protection. Now all the relays are 5 volts. Here is a link to the news. A video in Russian. Under the video there are links to how to buy and where to buy. Everyone rejoice together. Moderator, please do not delete. This is a great victory for us all.
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Hello. You sell it adaptors ?

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(05-16-2018, 08:09 AM)Administrator Wrote:  Hello. You sell it adaptors ?


No, we do not sell. These devices you can buy without us in the stores a link under the video. Links go through the cacheback service EPN. By registering you get discounts. And we are a small percentage. This is the most budget truck scanner V3. You can diagnose them on a running engine of 28.8 volts. Thousands of people bought V3 in late 2017. Everyone is happy. We forced the Chinese manufacturers to do everything right. Now these devices are available to everyone and everyone can trade them by replacing 2 diodes with 2 zener diodes, if he is able to solder, This is a gift from us to the whole community of auto-diagnosticians.

We have been repairing the ds150e for a long time. Many people know us by articles on the forums. We were surprised that there were releases of V5-V9. V5-V9 can not be applied to the car. V5-V9 does not correspond to the declared characteristics. We did not tolerate this and we stopped it. Now V3 is available to everyone. The package arrives 10-15 days. V3 Already for him is EUR srtiikat Safety
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