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volvo matris 2
hello to all volvo matris 2 is a program for specific operations with machine units, works only with ptt 2.xx. to program worked must be installed tech tool and be running because matris takes login with tech toola and updates from client update. checked installation link mega

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matris link.txt
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matris 2.rar
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IT seems matris2 can't be activated without loging online with volvo tech tool.
this version is not offline.
Best regards
please see the attachment

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if you have the same program then delete it completely restart the system in play it all over again but do not run the update in cliend update. after installing the matris version first time you run it he remembers the first login tech toola, only that there is such a problem that you will not remove matris from cliend update because the files are in the system, in my opinion you should upload everything from scratch because tech tool is a hard program to install and you have to do everything one after the turn one error and there are such messages it took me about 2 weeks and it takes more than 20 years of good luck
Thanks given by: Administrator , ssidexp09 , jahacmm , Mister_ACE

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