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Mongoose PRO MFC for Toyota
Sold adapters Mongoose PRO MFC for Toyota.

[Image: _d05fb3fe89a5d98c8f332775d046735b.jpeg][Image: _4209f6c2895ae50d13b8c629afa083ac.jpeg][Image: _4352c817f95b6200775f317b380e2b98.jpeg][Image: 9997eb61c2b13190b9d8a493a17fb9e4.jpeg]

I say at once that this is a very high-quality copy of the original 1:1 mongoose.
The adapter works with the original drivers from the official website of the manufacturer DrewTech.
It also has the original serial number and is no different from the original except for the price.
The entire board is made exactly with the original on the same processor.

I also give you the opportunity to check everything yourself within 2 weeks.
If anything, I will return your money back, but sending the adapter back at your expense.
I personally am responsible for checking the quality of the adapter.
Each adapter I check personally on my car.

The adapter has already been able to test many diagnosticians from Europe, America, Iran and many other countries - the feedback on the adapter was only positive.
You can also update the software in the engine control units and others through the Techstream program, if there are firmware files.

The adapter can work with any programs that support the work according to the J2534 standard.
For example, Honda, Land Rover, Mercedes - now many automotive diagnostic programs work with this standard and accordingly support this adapter.
(These programs are not included with the adapter)

Also, with this adapter, flasher programs for flashing car control units can work.
(These programs are not included with the adapter)

Here are the video tests and comparison of the speed of work with other adapters:

All questions regarding the buying adapter send me a PM.

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