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I chose a best TPMS TOOL for my vehicle
Maybe many people don't know which Autel TPMS tools are available? Luckily I got my best tools from Autel Authorized Online Shop. I have read a good post about how to choose a tpms tool for your Vehicle , so maybe it will give you some good advice when you are selecting a tpms.

Bought tpms tool when my tpms sensor can't work, I consulted a lot of repair shops, they charged me an $800 service fee and promised to replace the tpms sensor and reset them. So expensive. Then I plan to reset it myself.

First, I bought sensors and tpms. After browsing lots of online stores including Amazon, eBay, and other online stores. Finally, I bought my best on the Autel official online store it just spends $426.91 and with 8pcs tpms sensor. I thought it was a fake, how could there be such a cheap thing, and the result came back to be original, so incredible how it would be so cheap.

[Image: 508-433x8_grande.png?v=1541476338]this is my best tool

Next step is to reset my vehicle. I consulted the Autel official staff and they sent me a video. So easy to use i can DIY my vehicle after this.

The tpms tool i got is ts508k,Highly recommended!
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