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Diabox v9.23!
[Image: 2pzb7th.jpg]

[Image: wrn7sn.jpg]

Hey there,

Here i sell the NEW PSA Diagbox v9.23 version!  Anim_19

The software will be activated only on ONE PC License,so make sure you make a Backup of your system.

All previous version of diagbox must be removed and cleaned.

The Install steps are really simple,
  • You remove and clean any previous version of diagbox.
  • It require windows vista minimum (to me the best is Windows 7 32bits) but it works flawlessly on 64 bit.
  • Then you can install it, nothing special to say about this step, really simple,just click NEXT>NEXT.
All simple and fast,


Best Regards!! Give5
Thanks given by: kikis , rafik , ibi1961

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