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VmWare WIDOS 2013
Widos Technic Catalogue 2013-01 with SM in WmWare12 Win7-32bit cost 30$

Size 39 GB total, 25GB compressed (WinRAR)

Widos 2013 is contained: Spare parts catalogs, Wiring diagrams, Hydraulic diagrams, Machine data, Instruction manuals, Menu guidance, Additional service documentation.

Regarding payment and receiving a download link, write to private messages.

[Image: 82188038431b916c8caa9183c566dc5b.jpeg]
[Image: c0b691c37bcf3c263e7090be83242a27.jpeg]
[Image: 30993b1ae0f4779153ae0900b4122789.jpeg]
[Image: 34860290f5c8e282b18ecfd1d576594a.jpeg]
[Image: a3b0c850733a925d08b4ec5e695d9609.jpeg]
[Image: e0de4ba9fcbc7668ca1eb41928b1d8e8.jpeg]
[Image: 8669dafea6136de6709c04cb55f86abf.jpeg]
[Image: 092c6fe7cb12c7a660096b85bcda0b94.jpeg]
[Image: 5ef9f21855a04900e0a5432ca2a02ea5.jpeg]

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