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VmWare Etka 8.1 + Porsche Pet2 + ElsaWin
VmWare Etka 8.1 + 7.5 + Porsche Pet2 + ElsaWin in ENG Win7 32bit costs 60$

Size 102GB total, 40GB archived (WinRAR)

Etka 7.5+8.1  update 2019-07-04
PET2 Porsche update 2019-07-04
-Audi 2017-03
-VW 2017-01
-Seat 2015-01
-Skoda 2012-03

There is NO online decoding of VIN-codes. You can connect third-party paid services for this, on the desktop there is a textbook with the necessary links.

The Etka and Pet2, need to be updated every week.  If you don`t update a long time, software will not starts until be updated, and update takes a long time.
Registered update utility from Algeny is included in this VM for both programs.

To get the data on payment for the program and get a link for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.

[Image: e6cde134608fcfd8ed6f7785ec62f42a.jpg]
[Image: 496811a1462c18261ac19d50aad55389.jpeg]
[Image: b69cef790585533f8c8c1356708e0f8a.jpeg]
[Image: 7a68ba888f7a6a18806e8f7835a7767b.jpeg]
[Image: 3a66ba8511a9c86e549cd808512c876d.jpeg]
[Image: bb5a8d474c6e47d3089867ac4a69bfe0.jpeg]
[Image: 123e063cbc44b6308812e85580f728fb.jpeg]
[Image: 7552e7869a8cdad329f1e6be7cf81959.jpeg]
[Image: 95d469083965d4cb2c1814c253d25a5b.jpeg]

If you use that VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

Some more photos, ElsaWin:

[Image: 583dc8286d8fafc819db1b3d09a7b115.jpeg]
[Image: a82b0a67507e4b3ded686ddb2979a61f.jpeg]
[Image: cf7d83e4a8287a50399caa125521c412.jpeg]
[Image: 8e458477197d512a8c9e69234311e870.jpeg]
[Image: bfad568feae40b91649995f6f0a42c6b.jpeg]

If you use that VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )
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same just in German for free and no pass via Share-Links
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 3 times
Size: 37 bytes

Thanks given by: Capt.Kirk
(07-07-2019, 02:18 PM)Zamperl Wrote:  same just in German for free and no pass via Share-Links

Where can i see the transcriprion of this VM?  Is it all the same, or partially? included paid downloader updates from Algeni? Where can I see a little more information without downloading your links?   Thanks!

Updated: i try to download. Entered the capture. And got this:
[Image: _f5547c35b41954c9f4a8ce34d4bf091f.jpeg]
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I appreciate your work and offer.
Share-Links can be inserted/downloaded with JDownloader. It's not my work but I'm using it and it has OnlineUpdater for ETKA+PET. It's in German language.
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