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BMW Carly Pro 30.08 Full (phone diagnostics)
BMW Carly Pro 30.08 Full (phone diagnostics)

Carly for BMW is the most powerful tool for mobile devices that has been able to work with BMW cars since 1994 onwards.
  • Diagnostics: Conduct a full check of your car’s electronic systems
  • Encoding: Get access to the hidden features of your BMW!
  • Parameters: Analyze the parameters of your engine like a real professional!
  • Battery Registration: Change and register the battery of your car yourself!
  • Reset Service Intervals: Be independent of your service station!
  • Soot Filter: Turn on the particulate filter regeneration with one touch!
Supported models and functions

These models support the use of diagnostics, parameter mapping, and coding. To check the compatibility of other functions, use the Lite version.
  • 1er: E81, E87
  • 1er Convertible: E88
  • 1er Coupe: E82
  • 3er: E90, E46, E36
  • 3er Touring: E91
  • 3er Coupe: E92
  • 3er Convertible: E93
  • 5er: E60, E39
  • 5er Touring: E61
  • 6er: E63
  • 6er Convertible: E64
  • 7er: E65, E66, E38
  • X5: E70
  • X6: E71, E72
  • MINI R56, R60
[Image: Carly-BMW-Pro-30.08.jpg]

If you need it - push buttons Rate (Reputation) and Thanks, and PM for asking pass.

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I can help install
  • Mercedes - Xentry DAS HHTWin Vediamo Monaco WIS EPC
  • Renault - Can Clip
  • Activation Launch x431
  • All EPC - parts catalog
  • other programs

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