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EPC WIS custom Updating & Install 2019 >> to >>> Latest
Mercedes Benz 
CURRENT VERSION: EWA with EPC 2018-11 & WIS 2019-07

WIS and EPC are running with EWA
Since WIS 03.19 was the last version containing a EWA version with both WIS and EPC
and EPC is online only now, here is the solution for those who want latest WIS
with last offline version EPC (2018.11)



Download the modified version I build of latest WIS here below
mount it on VirtualCloneDrive
Turn on Ewa tools
go to the Wis tab,  install


FRESH install

Easy fresh EWA EPC WIS install

1) install jre.rar
go to configure Java and disable update

[Image: java1.jpg]

[Image: java2.jpg]

2) install VirtualCloneDrive.rar
( set vritual drives to 5 )

[Image: EPC-install.jpg]

3) install ewa
( remember, this is the last version able to handle EPC & WIS, never upgrade ! )
activate it with valid keys

EPC install

Get the EPC 2018-11 Torrent.rar

mount it on VirtualCloneDrive (mount all 5 DVD's at the same time !)

[Image: mount-EPC.jpg]

Turn on Ewa tools
go to the EPC tab,  install database

WIS install


Download the modified version I build of latest WIS here below
Turn on Ewa tools
go to the WIS tab,  install database


Special notes:

once installed copy the ewa link to the desktop

[Image: ewa-link.jpg]

open it with Windows Explorer, other browser might cause problems

with the first launch you will get Java nags, tick ALWAYS

Enter login : admin
Password: admin

change password to: 12345

Go here and click

[Image: ewa-setup1.jpg]

set it to:

[Image: Ewa-setup-2.jpg]

File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 137 bytes

Have fun !

[Image: avatar-89621.jpg]

pmercury the BenzNinja

[Image: ENtW1jf.gif]
[Image: ratepass.jpg]
>>>>>> THX + REPUTATION then PM me = PASS <<<<<<
Thanks given by: Raidraid , carstudy , rafik , Mister_ACE , Zamperl , autoscan , camaro , 3255 , Marcos
I recommend GEEK uninstaller for easy and registry clean uninstalls

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File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 2 times
Size: 36 bytes

Thanks given by: 3255 , Marcos

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