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Hitachi Service Manuals (Updated and Re-sorted)
Hitachi Service Manuals pack all-in-one costs 150$ 120$

Size unpacked: 29.5GB of useful files)
Size archived: 20GB (Winrar)

The contents of this archive were completely re-sorted, duplicate files and archives were removed, and new contents were added.

Hitachi service manuals pack contained series:

-Articulated Dump Truck (AH170-AH500, EH1600-EH1700)
-Engines (Cummins, Hino, Hitachi, Isuzu, Kubota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Shibaura, Yanmar)
-Excavators EX Series (EX60-EX8000)
-Excavators ZH Series (ZH200-ZH210)
-Excavators Zaxis Series (ZX8-ZX1000)
-Fiat-Hitachi FB Series Compact (FB90-FB200)
-Hitachi Crawler Cranes (CX400-CX2000, KH100-KH500)
-Hitachi Sumitomo Crawler Cranes (SCX400-SCX2000)
-Wheel Loaders LX Series (LX50-LX450)
-Wheel Loaders ZW Series (ZW20-ZW550)
-HOP Files (EX90-1 + Isuzu Engines)
-Acrobat Reader with fonts pack + Hitachi HOP files viewer

Regarding payment and receiving a link with password to download, write to private messages.

[Image: 8afc882c81591fad4c7a997c90b48e6a.jpg]

Articulated Dump Truck
[Image: 8c81c7f2988703199838e16fd2e0b406.jpg]

[Image: 7a83673d59a4b5c08367771211891eaa.jpg]

Excavators EX Series
[Image: 54d6b4d197a60570ff1c937b1a8692a9.jpg]

Excavators ZH Series
[Image: fbccd2087f61ef27ae7f0c23b0612408.jpg]

Excavators Zaxis Series
[Image: 13f8091b41b0c1a0c3c29868d6c10bbc.jpg]

Hitachi Crawler Cranes
[Image: 4517d81dc1c8e2a733c697efd56874b7.jpg]

Hitachi Sumitomo Crawler Cranes
[Image: 2230c5772c27c7cf81875c85fd4c7d0e.jpg]

Wheel Loaders LX Series
[Image: 39f6730b93c65792e9b0b6d1bcca64a4.jpg]

Wheel Loaders ZW Series
[Image: e52c92f0fec572587176dc6160a76b28.jpg]

If you got this files, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

Attached Files
Virtuals LIST.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 1 times
Size: 50 bytes

Thanks given by:
Additional photos:

Fiat-Hitachi Compact FB Series
[Image: bbf03451a7ead0644eebe66f834b75c6.jpg]

HOP Files (EX90-1 + Isuzu Engines)
[Image: 2dfb46f175ffb070bbc9b44448f13548.jpg]

Acrobat Reader + Hitachi HOP viewer
[Image: e3d451197ad8991560d7e548ed91bece.jpg]

Size of folders
[Image: 8bf6f4cca36141037783bedc37560483.jpg][Image: b09ecede941d5bb4f696861925b2e405.jpg]
31.775.037.781bytes /1024 = 31.030.310kb

Hitashi Service Manual Archive is fully updated and re-sorted! Added many new manuals!
Thanks given by:
HITACHI SERVICE MANUALS price is reduced to $120.
Thanks given by:

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