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XENTRY Diagnostics 12/2019 With Patcher 5.8 C4,C3 & KIT2-3 & VCI & PassThrue & eCOM
XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell & PassThrue & Kit & VCI Patcher Premium Edition 5.8

[Image: YMQDWdB.png]

[Image: 1219.png]

[Image: VGhvox6.png]


Hello Member Car Technology
With this Patcher and My support You can Installing full system easily without any problem.
This Patcher Can Make you installing Full XENTRY Diagnostics from Version 2015 to Last version (12/2019)

Also i can help you by Remote to install full system

Also You Get With Patcher
WIS Standalone Offline  Source Last Version 2019
EWAnet - EPC Standalone Offline Source  Last Version 2019
Star Finder Offline Source Last Version 2016
SD Media 01.2014 Offline Source
Mercedes Price List Offline Source Last Version 2019
Vediamo Offline Source 

What Options we Have on Patcher 5.8
[Image: 1.png]

XENTRY Activation Mode

Activation NEW Full Full Parameters Access (It is a new generation of activation Mode) will be available by the beginning of 2020
Activation NEW Developer Mode Key's (New method)  That IS NEW KEY
Activation OLD Developer Mode Key's (OLD method) That Is OLD KEY
Activation For UEFI Secure boot (NEW)
No Risk For Your SCN account with New method or old method or Full Parameters Or UEFI Secure boot
Fix Missing Picture for cars , trucks , etc 
Note : With New Parameter only, you will not need patch any file on system 

Online Update & Lose key
Online Update 100% with SCN without any problem or losing key 
Fix ConfigAssist Problem Setting 
Enable All Function For Received all Control-Unit-Software Update
Enable Update Center Page 
Fix Errors of RDS_0001 / RDS_0003 / RDS_0006 / RDS_400001
Fix all Problem with EWA NET Server
Change Port or EWA NET Server
Fix All Service 
Load New Settings on Firewall to working very well
Simple Software like on Original XENTRY Tab To Your Desktop
Patch New Security - XENTRY Diagnostic
Patch internal Error 3.91 And 3.XX Random Error
Patch 2221-45 No Access Authorization
FIX Problem Happen When Do SCN Online Programming

XENTRY Security & Safety
[Image: 2.png]

XENTRY AntiSpyware Protection ( SCN Online )
Account Information Emulator :  For hide your account information when programming or scn
Enable Encrypted Key Permissions :  This function protects the activation key from the tracking feature
Disable Monitoring system : To working a be safe 

AntiClone Protection Hardware Serial

after install system and activated, the customer can clone system
with this option if customer clone system without you know, the customer can't be activated the system before contact you

XENTRY Anti Keylogger Protection 

Anti Rootkits 
Some Chinese use Rootkit , Although this software on their own may not be harmful, they hide worms, bot & malware. Attackers can have ‘root’ access to the user’s computer using a harmful software access to computer and get username and password for "Programming and SCN" Account. Hence, it is considered extremely dangerous for user’s privacy and PC users need an anti-rootkit software.
System immunization by blocking access
software working by a permanent analysis of every program on the computer that tries to connect to the Internet through an exit and data entry port so that everything that is connected to the internet can be controlled
Online browsing activity. 
Encrypt all History Browsing , To a be safe no anyone can see your History Browsing
Anti Tracking personal data Keystrokes (i.e. Username, passwords, etc.).

Smarter Cyber Security
For people who use account Online programming
“Keyloggers steal every password, every credit card number, every message … EVERYTHING you type!”
Without your knowledge, hackers can infect your devices with a keylogger when visiting social media sites, websites, reading emails, watching videos, downloading software and music files.
XENTRY Anti Keylogger proactively protects your confidential information against keyloggers, even zero-day attacks. We combine military-grade keystroke encryption technology with other must-have security features to give you complete peace of mind when using your online devices.

XENTRY Communication (Switcher & Blacklist)
[Image: 3.png]
SET Your Communication Settings Very Easy For Your C4 and C3
Patch BlackList XENTRY And DAS For Your Device And Switch Between Devices
Also you can switch Between Devices C4 / C3 / XENTRY Connect C5 / VCI / eCOM  with Faster way and no needed Restart Computer
This Option will working good with Your Clone SD Connect Also

Full Patch For DAS Standalone

[Image: 4.png]

Patch DAS Standalone For New Key and Full Parameters 
DAS Standalone And License BUS
You Can Choose Language View  For DAS And SET IT on your Desktop 
FIX Problem With DAS BUS License incorrect. 
FIX DAS Error Zero Time Out
Patch DAS Simulation 

Advanced Function Option

[Image: 5.png]

Removal Password DAS Special Functions
XENTRY All Vehicles (ByPass)
From this Option you installing Simple Tool to your Desktop To Make you Remove Password Anytime with easy way to use it
Remove DAS Password Passenger Car
Remove DAS Password Truck and BUS
Set Active for DAS Prototyp
(164) (166) (169) (197) (204) (212)
Patch Offline Programming For all Version 2015 and 2019
FIX Problem VPO General Error For Old Version
Old Version of XENTRY can't Programming online
but with this Option You can Make it Life again and Programming
WIS Standalone
Patch TransBase Premissions
Full installing WIS Standalone
Get Full WIS Standalone Working with Easy Way
Patch EWA Net Session
Get Unlimited Session For EPC AND WIS
With this Option Session Never Expire With you 
install HHT Object
HHT for PKW - LKW (C3-C4) 
Patch Global App ID 
Patch ID of xentry Message Queuing (MSMQ) Working 100%
Fix SD Flash Local Data 
Fix Load Fault In sequence
Clear all sequence and rebuilding

FIX DTS Monaco ToolKit With XENTRY 
FIX Toolkit Problem after install DTS Moncao
Fix Server Toolkit working very well with XENTRY
Truck and BUS
[Image: 6.png]

Vehicle Speed Limit (DAS)
EOL For Trucks and BUS
Patch MR Download
Full AdBlue Patch For BUS & Trucks
Full AdBlue Patch For BUS & Trucks
Keygen for Adblue and Vedok in XENTRY

Chip Tuning
[Image: 7.png]

How it works
It`s not working by STUPID Editing by HEX or etc.. of files.
it`s very professional work. Decoding, decompiling, "firmware" rebuilding, compiling, encoding back.

Getting a patcher does not mean that you are subscribed to that service, the service has a special subscription
Patcher is required to work on it
The file takes a few seconds,  Does not need to call me.
The system works by itself

Developer works in the presence of the Internet, without the Internet does not work because it sends the file to the server then Decoding, decompiling, "firmware" on server   and sent to you through the server back using "Patcher" on Seconds

Lets you works on


Customized Tuning For ACM & MCM Control Unite
Adblue - EGR - DPF - IMMO - EOL
MERCEDES Passenger Car
Customized Tuning Control Unite
Adblue - EGR - DPF - IMMO - EOL - DTC - Shifting Speed UP/DOWN

This service is available on the monthly subscription and points system
Types of packages : (40) points, (50) points, (60) points, (70) points and (80) points

Full Backup with Automatic restore for System Folder
Check Virus on Windows if it infected. 
how can we do to have that?
Thanks given by: GlintWeb
(11-10-2019, 05:05 AM)best26 Wrote:  how can we do to have that?

ِِAs you like
Do you want to update to the new version 12 2019
About update for new version check your PM

Or do you have a problem and want to solve it?
don't be forget , Support for solve problem is free

Good Luck

[Image: Banner.png]

if i Help You Click "thanks"  and "reputation"
Thanks given by: Jeermy SD
I think I just need him
How can I get it
thanks you
Thanks given by: GlintWeb , Jeermy SD
(11-18-2019, 02:13 AM)SJyang Wrote:  I think I just need him
How can I get it
thanks you

check your PM

[Image: Banner.png]

if i Help You Click "thanks"  and "reputation"
Thanks given by: Jeermy SD
I think I just need him
How can I get it
thanks you
Thanks given by: GlintWeb
New Version Xentry Diagnostics 12/2019 - 01/02/2020 is ready

[Image: YMQDWdB.png]

[Image: 1219.png]

With New Patcher 5.8

[Image: 1.png]

- XDOS 12/2019 Native Install -  UEFI Secure boot  License =  Available
- XDOS 12/2019 Native Install - NEW License =  Available 

- XDOS 12/2019 Native Install - OLD License =  Available 

[Image: Banner.png]

if i Help You Click "thanks"  and "reputation"
Thanks given by: kikis , muftah76 , Artur1986 , Mister_ACE , camaro , Aivarovna , urgan42
How can I get it
Thanks given by: GlintWeb
And your patch will work if the XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell program is installed on drive D:
Thanks given by:
(12-22-2019, 04:42 PM)evgenijm Wrote:  And your patch will work if the XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell program is installed on drive D:

Yes Working

[Image: Banner.png]

if i Help You Click "thanks"  and "reputation"
Thanks given by: kikis , camaro

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