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Nissan Note Auto Start stop flashing - nlookup - 10-21-2021

Hi, I hope this helps someone. My 2014 Nissan Note Tekna 1.5 diesel had the problem of flashing auto stop light on the dashboard. I read loads about various ways to "fix" it but none worked for me. The problem started for me one morning when I started the car ... The car started but it turned over slower than normal before starting. But it did start. I noticed that the Auto start stop light was flashing on the dash. I tried to recondition the battery with a smart charger (The manual suggests the flashing light is a battery charging indicator) but when it had finished I looked at the indicator window on the top of the battery (it was the original battery) it was black so ordered an equivalent battery match from tayna Exide 027 EFB Car Battery 60Ah EL600 .... charged the new battery with my smart charger and swapped over the battery ... Still did not fix the flashing even after a couple of weeks driving. The bit that stopped the flashing for me was when i connected an ELM327 bluetooth obd2 adapter (just one I had kicking around for ages) to the car and installed Carista on my android phone. It connected and ran through a set of scans for about 15 minutes (engine was off but the ignition was on) It found 2 errors (Sorry but I should have paid more attention but I don't know which one fixed it) I cleared both and and the auto start stop light went out. The errors were as follows :

Body / convenience system B261F ASCDE CANCEL SW CONTINUOUSLY ON FAIL
Energy Management P1656 Engine restart bypass relay

I'd say it hit a problem on the initial start due to a dying battery but then had faults that would not clear without software intervention that set the Auto start stop light flashing !

The stop start system has come back to life and seems to "kick in" quicker and more frequently than before.

Time will tell if the light comes back on but for now the annoying flashing has stopped !!!