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Best installation for HHT ?
Mercedes Benz 

I recently bought a Panasonic CF19 with an SD connect C4.

But the installation did not have to be done correctly because the pc must be restarted every 30 min because the ram is full (4GB) ... I deactivated some programs at startup like java and adobe reader which allows to save some time.

I would make a fresh install. I am going to order a new SSD (I don't want to erase the one I got with the pc) and I would like to know what programs should be installed in order for the pc to work properly.

This is for 96-99 Mercedes so i just need HHT.

WinXp 32 or Win 7 32 ?
Das ? Xentry ?

Thx by advance.
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I think before you ask use the search funktion!! you found nothing write again......
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The problem is mainly that I would need the old version of Xentry in 32 bits but I only found the dead links. So I'll probably have to tinker with a 64 bit Win 7 or 10 and emulate HHT.

I just wanted to keep it simple, but hey, we'll do it differently.
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