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MIB2 Patch (CP Off + FEC/SWaP) [Technisat/Preh/Delphi/Harman] Appconnect+Carplay+etc.
MIB2 Patch (CP Off + FEC/SWaP)

With this patch you can unlock appconnect, carplay, SDS (voice activation), navigation, performance monitor and much more.

[Image: kiyzeule.jpg]

Hoster: MEGA
Size packed: 7,8 GB

Each unit can be downloaded separately!

contained Delphi files:
MHS2 Instructions (english/german)
MST2 Instructions (english)
FEC Generator v1.7
FEC Container
US2EU Script
K0129 FEC Patch
P2035 FEC Patch
P2037 US2EU Patch
P0213D FEC Patch
P0225D FEC Patch
P0227D FEC Patch
P0231D FEC Patch
P0628D FEC Patch
P0635D FEC Patch
P0635D_US FEC Patch
P0640D FEC Patch
P0642D FEC Patch
P0673D FEC Patch
P0870D FEC Patch
P0867D FEC Patch
P0867D_US FEC Patch
P0876D FEC Patch
P0879D FEC Patch
P0879D_US FEC Patch
P0891D FEC Patch
P9122D FEC Patch
P0213D CO OFF Patch
P0231D CP OFF Patch
P0624D CP OFF Patch
P0635D CP OFF Patch
P0635D_US CP OFF Patch
P0640D CP OFF Patch
P0642D CP OFF Patch
P0757D CP OFF Patch
P0840D CP OFF Patch
P0867D CP OFF Patch
P0867D_US CP OFF Patch
P0876D CP OFF Patch
P0879D CP OFF Patch
P0879D_US CP OFF Patch
P0891D CP OFF Patch
P0962D CP OFF Patch
P9122D CP OFF Patch

contained Harman files:
MHI2 Instructions (english/german/spanish/russian)
FEC Containers
MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P3638_MU0917 Patch
MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P5092_MU1329 Patch
MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P5152_MU1329 Patch
MHI2Q_US_AUG22_P5087_MU1316 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU276_P5088_MU1325 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU37x_P5089_MU1326 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU43x_P5098_MU1339 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU57x_K2589_MU1429 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU57x_K3663_MU1425 Patch
MHI2_ER_AU62x_P5099_MU1340 Patch
MHI2_ER_AUG22_K2161_MU1421 Patch
MHI2_ER_AUG22_K3344_MU1438 Patch
MHI2_ER_AUG22_K3346_MU1438 Patch
MHI2_ER_AUG22_S2148_MU0442 Patch
MHI2_US_AU57x_K3324_1_MU0925 Patch
MHI2_US_AUG22_K3345_MU1439 Patch
MHI2_ER_POG11_K4185 MU1119 Patch
MHI2_ER_POG11_K5126_MU1394 Patch
MHI2_ER_POG11_K5182_MU1470 Patch
MHI2_ER_POG11_P3299_MU0807 Patch
MHI2_ER_POG24_K4224_MU1199 Patch
MHI2_KR_POG24_P0817_MU0817 Patch
MHI2_ER_SEG11_P4708 MU1409 Patch
MHI2_ER_SEG11_P4709 MU1447 Patch
MHI2_ER_SKG11_K3343 MU1433 Patch
MHI2_ER_SKG13_P4526 MU1440 Patch
MHI2_ER_VWG11_K3332_MU1187 Patch
MHI2_ER_VWG11_K3342_MU1427 Patch
MHI2_ER_VWG13_K4525_MU1367 Patch
MHI2_ER_VWG13_P4521_MU1367 Patch
MHIG_EU_AU_K1549 MU0404 Patch
MHIG_EU_SK_K1552 MU0411 Patch
MHIG_EU_VW_K1550 MU0407 Patch
Developer Menu MIB2
Putty (Telnet)

contained Technisat/Preh files:
MST2 Instructions (english)
SD Card Tutorial
PQ + ZR Solution
CN2EU Conversion
US2EU Conversion
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0363T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0368T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0138T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0253T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0245T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0253T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0363T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0367T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0468T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0475T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0478T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0363T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_PQ_P0368T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0138T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_PQ_P0253T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0245T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0253T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0363T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0367T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0468T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0475T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0478T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_PQ_P0252T CN2EU Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_US_VW_PQ_P0253T US2EU Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_US_VW_PQ_P0367T US2EU Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0253T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0346T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0363T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0368T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0469T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0475T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0514T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0515T FEC ALL Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0253T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0367T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0456T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0468T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0471T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0475T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0478T FEC ALL Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0140T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0252T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0253T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0363T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0367T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0475T FEC ALL Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0253T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0346T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0363T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0368T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0469T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0475T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0514T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SE_ZR_P0515T CP OFF Patch (Seat)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0253T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0367T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0456T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0468T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0471T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0475T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_SK_ZR_P0478T CP OFF Patch (Skoda)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0140T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0252T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0253T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0363T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0367T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0475T CP OFF Patch (Volkswagen)
QNX VM (Neutrino641Target)
Technisat Generator

Quickly find out the manufacturer of the radio:
Press and hold the MENU button on the radio until another menu appears and select Software update/versions. Take a look at the SW train version.

MST2 ... D
MHS2 ... D

MHI2 ...

MST2 ... PQ ... T
MST2 ... ZR ... T

I don't give any support for this!!!

Use at your own risk!!!

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