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DS150 good quality single board required components
Good quality Single Board DS150 for 2020/21 release.

VCI component requirements.

See attached pictures.

RED - SI9241AEY - (U700 & U701) - These are not manufactured any more and are standard on all boards.

BLUE - SN74F08D - (U803 & U1200) - These are usually good even with chinese variants .

PURPLE - B82793S0513N201 - (L600 & L601) - CAN filters. Some boards come with resistors here, these are useless, essential that these are changed!

YELLOW - TJA1050T - (U600 & U601) - Alternatives - A/1050C, ATA6561, TLE6250GV33, MCP2551, TJA1057, SN65HVDA1050AQDRQ1 & PCA82C250

RELAYS - 3V - 5V does not matter!

EVERYTHING else on these boards are standard and do not really change from seller to seller.

Like FTDI chip, 9241A, GEX or GEZ preferrably GEX, 74HCT04D, STM32F205ZGT6 etc...

If you need to change any components the CAN filters are mostly not fitted or fitted with some alternative (701 or resistors)

You could salvage components from dual boards, or even other old vci's you may have.

If you are not sure about the quality of the components in (U803, U1200, U600, U601, L600 & L601) and wanted genuine parts, the cost is under €10.

Any questions or pictures of your vci post here in the thread and I will have a look for you.


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Thanks given by: Anonymusz , kfz09 , Zamperl , hbalazs

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